Monday, October 31, 2011

Create Offline Updates for Kaspersky Internet Security 2012

When You install Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) 2012, the application will show you "Database Obsolete". So, you have to update your database of KIS 2012. There are two ways you can do to perform the update, the first is online, and the second by way offline.

The first way, online. This way of course you already understand, either manually or automatically. You simply connect to the internet then click the "Run Update" on your application, Kaspersky will update the database, and you're just waiting for it to finish.

However, in this way than take a long time you can not be resumed if your internet disconnected during the update process is running. This certainly would be a problem if you do update the first time since installing Kaspersky on your computer, because Kaspersky will download a file that is large enough to update especially if your internet connection is slow.

Therefore, on this occasion I will share with you how to make offline update on KIS 2012. In this way, even if you cancel / pause the update process or your internet connection broken during the update process is running, and if one day you want to continue it, you do not need to wait for the process goes from the beginning because it resumes.

Okay, let's begin!
1. Download "" from

2. Then do extract the file. The file contains :

3. Double click on the file "KasperskyUpdater.exe" and perform the following configuration:

  1. I am using KIS 2012 so I only download the update files only for KIS 2012 
  2. I enable filters to limit the files to be downloaded for not too large. You could disable this feature if you want updates to all versions of KIS 2012.
note: you can make configuration changes as needed.

4. If the configuration settings are finished, click the "Apply" then "start"

5. Command prompt window will appear and give testimony that the download is in progress.

If you cancel this process or your Internet connection is lost, you can continue it later without having to download again from beginning.

7. Downloaded file is saved in the directory "temp" folder. temp directory is located on extract the folder in step 1.

8. If the download process has completed, then the files in the folder "Temp" folder will be converted to "Updates" folder.

9. If the download has finished, you can perform updates on your KIS 2012 offline by using a source on the folder "updates" are.

Then click "Run update"


  1. thanks a lot for giving such a nice pictorial tips for offline updating of KASPERSKY INTERNET SECURITY 2012.Its saves all my precious time spent for updating it first time.

  2. lets i will try. first time update is taking too much time on slower connection. Good presetion.

  3. If you want to download the zip for offline update then follow linc. Thanx for the awesome post.

  4. Thanks you very much.This is Great.
    Wishings from me..........

  5. please tell me how much time it take to update from updater in command prompt?

  6. how much time it takes to update from Command prompt in step.5

  7. yaa its a right question much time it takes to update from Command prompt in step.5???

  8. can u tell me the what is the size of temp folder after completing the downloads..............